Helen, Georgia – a Taste of Germany here in America

I very seldom watch PB stations but I happened to tune in a few years ago and watched a show called “The Georgia Traveler”.  They were doing a segment on Alpine Helen, Georgia which is a small town in the north-eastern Blue Ridge mountains.

Entering Helen, Georgia doesn’t require a passport but you will think you entered Germany!  You will be in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Northeast Georgia with amazing views and lots of activities to choose from.

As soon as the segment finished I literally ran to the computer and did a Google search.  Yes, it truly did exist and I wanted to go.  When I read about the German Bakery and some of the restaurants, I knew a trip was in our very near future.

Reservations were made through VRBO and we had a nice pet friendly, two-bedroom 2-bath cabin about 20 minutes outside of town.  We did learn one lesson early on; Sunday, which is the day we arrived, is extremely busy.  Traffic was just short of horrible!  You see, Helen is a short ride from Atlanta and the good folks from the city head to Helen on Sunday to get away from it all.

Things were much better during the week.  We rode through town many times without much delay.  It was easier to get seated in restaurants during the week also. Speaking of food, if you click on this link you will find a listing of restaurant in Helen.

Paul’s Steakhouse was one of our choices for dinner and it was a good one.  Good food, fast service and a view of the River!  We went with the Prime Rib of course, but they have a nice selection of entrees.

Our last night in Helen we ate at a very authentic German restaurant called the Hofbrauhaus Restaurant which is located on Main Street and it also sits on the banks of the Chattahoochee River.  We had the Prime Rib and it was out of this world.

Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner there is something for you in Helen.  If you are into cakes and pies, oh my, then head to Hofer’s of Helen Bakery & Café and see what they have.  Be prepared to wait in line as their heavenly creations draw crowds!  During our trip to Helen we stopped at Hofer’s at least 4 times in 3 days and managed to bring home a sufficient supply of sweets and treats!

When you head out of your cabin or motel be sure to search out Betty’s Country Store right in town.  It is a step back in time and you will find unusual items on the shelves.  You can also stock up on groceries or souvenirs at Betty’s.

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