Gas up, hit the road and see the USA!

Spring is a good time for a road trip, anytime is a good time actually.  If you are planning on driving a lot you may have to take into consideration that the price of gas has not only jumped up, it has skyrocketed up!

Not that long ago we were paying a little over a dollar, and now it is almost up to $2 and it is probably higher in other places.  But, we did get used to those high prices before and it didn’t seem to stop travelers, so don’t let it hold you back.  Try to save on gas anyway you can….such as:

  • The grocery store we frequent gives gas bonus points.  For every $100 you spend you get 10 cents off a gallon of gas.  The more food you buy, the faster your gas points go up.  Our last redemption we saved 50 cents a gallon less than the retail price.  They allow you 20 gallons, anything over that is regular price.
  •  We double dip on those savings since we charge gas to our Discover Card which pays us cash back.  In this competitive area many banks give cash back awards for using their credit cards.  Anyway you can save money is a good thing.
  • Use a site such as to find the lowest gas prices.  Get the app for your phone so you can find the best gas prices along your route.  A few minutes of planning can save you in the long run.
  • Some gas companies such as Shell have programs you can sign up for to save a few pennies on a gallon.  Check to see if your local/favorite station has such a program.  Keep your tires properly inflated to save on gas.  The majority of cars do not need premium gas.  You are paying quite a lot more per gallon for that gas.

Supposedly the price is up because they are getting ready for the ‘summer blend’ and if that is true then prices should drop again.  If you have been planning a trip don’t put it off, go ahead with your plans and try to save in other ways.  Instead of eating fast food while traveling, pack a lunch to take with you.  It will be better for you and save money in the long run.

Don’t let the price of gas slow you down or hold you back!  Go ahead with your plans, hit the road and enjoy.  Don’t forget to take Fido with you!

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