Johnson Creek Tavern, Harbor Island, South Carolina

If you visit the Low Country of South Carolina you can enjoy luscious seafood delights at many restaurants in the town of Beaufort or out on Lady’s Island, St. Helena Island or Harbor Island.

Johnson Creek Tavern

But there comes a time when seafood lovers, after having feasted on fresh shrimp and crabs for 5 or 6 days, prefer a good steak.  Not just a good steak, but a great one.  Not all seafood restaurants can turn out a decent rib eye.  I know a place where you can get delicious shrimp or you can get the perfectly cooked hunk of beef or even a slab of ribs and that’s Johnson Creek Tavern.

A few years back we ate at several really good seafood place plus we cooked shrimp at the rental house.  The last night we were there we both wanted beef and that was when we discovered Johnson Creek Tavern.

We got there early and got a good table and spent time looking at all the dollar bills that customers have decorated the place with.  It’s a real family oriented place so if you have kids you can feel free to bring them.  It’s not a dressy place either.  If you head out to Hunting Island State Park for the day and are in your shorts and flip-flops you will be dressed perfectly!


If you are staying closer to town or any of the other islands, it’s a nice leisurely ride out to Johnson Creek Tavern.  You will see Gay’s Seafood along the ride and if you glance in their direction you’ll see the shrimp boats.  Just typing these words and remembering taking that ride along Sea Island Parkway many times, I can smell the salt water and feel the ocean breeze.

As you can see in the photo the portions are large.  I had a delicious rib eye steak and my husband had ribs, fall off the bone tender ribs!  No complaints from either of us.

So this gives you one more option of great places to eat in the Low Country of South Carolina.

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