Horn’s Creek Resort Dining in Ocoee

In the summer it’s a church campground, by fall it’s a restaurant. We’re talking about Horn’s Creek NOC Resort in Ocoee, Tennessee. Dining is almost like having dinner in a treehouse. The resort is about an hour outside of Chattanooga and is surrounded on all sides by the splendor of the Cherokee National Forest.

The resort can be a challenge to find by first timers. This map has full directions on how to get there. After that, you’ll get the hang of it and want to return.

I visited with a church group of about 15 on a December, Sunday afternoon. Staff and diners were all in full holiday spirit. Fellowship, fun and laughter of the season was felt by everyone at the Horn’s Creek Resort.

Our hostess seated us near the cozy fireplace at the back of the large room. Tantalizing smells wafted across the dining hall from the buffet along the wall. Food was well rotated and expertly garnished by the chef. It was a feast for all senses.

The had carved pork was flavorful and the au just and gave it moisture. Potatoes and green vegetables were just as tasty. The bacon-wrapped meatloaf was an unusual dish that complemented the other dishes. Fried chicken had a crispy outer shell on the outside that encased the tender, juicy meat.

Prices were shockingly reasonable. We paid less than $20 for our meal. Photos, pricing, menu, reservations and options are on the website for Horn’s Creek Resort in Ocoee. Our time spent there was so delightful that we’re looking forward to returning.

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