Fishy, Fishy on a Hook

Fishing is a very popular sport no matter where you live.  We are not into big time fishing but we do have a small time pond that we enjoy.  When we bought this house the pond was stocked and we added a few more.  We are catch and release so none of our pond fish will wind up on the dinner table.  We bought some very small catfish that have now grown into decent size fish and they are fun to catch.

If you know someone who is a ‘real fisherman’ then you know they prefer to catch some big fish that they can brag about.  Living in Tennessee we don’t have access to ocean fishing but we do have some wonderful lakes and rivers that can keep any fisherman happy hour after hour. In order to do any serious fishing, you really need a few things:  a boat, equipment and an idea where the fish are!  Really, those pesky fish are not just hanging round shore waiting for your bait.  If you really want to catch some fish, you need a professional fishing guide.

Living just a few miles from the meandering Tennessee River you see fishing boats being towed to and from there daily, nice weather or rain, the fishermen are on the hunt.  If you need a little help in bring in a big one, maybe you need to consider someone like Steve Baker of Bakers Outdoors.

If you want a professional fishing guide in Tennessee they operate March through May.  January and February they fish the Florida waters.  Steve is a new neighbor of ours.  We knew he liked to fish since he has a boat.  We didn’t realize until recently that he is a fishing guide and with his knowledge and experience you or anyone else can land that big mouth bass on the Tennessee River.

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