Moving tips to help you have a successful move

These moving tips to help you have a successful move were employed in my latest relocation. After eight years in the same home, my husband’s company decided to move us to another part of the state. To say that we didn’t want to move is an understatement. We set about contacting moving companies after the shock wore off. We also pulled out some of the tips for moving that we’ve used in the past. They made the move much simpler. I’ll type a few more in below.

moving tips

Evaluate your assets

  • The first thing you need to do if being relocated is look at your assets. I’m talking about making a written list of everything from paydays to people. It makes relocating much less stressful after you see where you stand.

Don’t buy boxes

  • Buying them will put a hole in your pocketbook. Using free boxes will help you save money on a move and recycle at the same time. We talked to Walmart, dollar stores, grocery and liquor stores and a couple of gas stations. Friends brought us boxes from work. It all helped us save money and was better for the environment.

Contact several movers

  • The prices quoted varied. One wanted over $5,500 to relocate our furniture while two others were in the $3,000 range. A couple of companies were only interested in giving us an internet quote. We nixed them and also the one that stood us up. Boundless Moving and Storage did the job and did it well. So, my big recommendation is to hire good help!
  • This is where looking at all your assets come into play. The advantage of a corporate relocation is that they pay for it. A DIY move is usually less expensive but more stressful. Don’t be shy about bartering. Ask friends to help in exchange for helping them when they need help.


  • If you have advance notice, start socking a few dollars back each week. Contact a cleaning company to see what they’ll charge. If you have a friend that might help make her or him an offer. Just say, “I have $50 bucks. Can you help me clean?” So far, I’ve not been turned down. The extra hands to help clean up after a move are a godsend.


  • Meal costs add up fast when you’re eating out more often. One of the best moving tips is to save the coupons that you can. Look for deals on pizzas and drive-thru ordering. I was thrilled to find out that my Straight Talk Wireless rewards offers promo codes for restaurants and other companies.

These are a few moving tips to help you have a successful move. Check out my video through the link above for more ideas that can make your relocation a little smoother.

One more thing…
Treat yourself after the work is done. Go to a park, movie or take a day trip. After all the boxes are unpacked, you deserve to  have a nice relaxing day.

You got this!

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