Do I need travel insurance

The question has been asked again. Do I need travel insurance? My answer is both yes and no. Travel insurance reduces the financial risk that you take when traveling. Trip interruption insurance reimbursed me for unexpected hotel nights and meals when a breakdown stranded three states from home. I thought of AAA for towing or trip arrangements. An interruption policy never crossed my mind until I was stuck.

travel insurance

To potentially avoid an insurance issue like the million dollar baby, check medical and all other insurance policies before leaving home. Call your agent and read all of the fine print.

Big trips like Walt Disney World, cruises and international vacations almost always demand tripĀ  insurance. Major storms, lost baggage, unexpected illness and mechanical breakdowns are always good reasons to consider buying a policy.

Domestic vacations may not require adjustment to your car insurance, but it may be a different story if you’re crossing a boarder. My trip across Canada required a special card from my insurance company and some processing time was required. Had my carrier not been recognized in Canada, then I would have had to purchase additional insurance elsewhere.

Medical coverage benefits can be limited or nonexistent when out of state or on international travel. Some medical benefits may be covered under trip insurance. Be sure to check the fine print for exclusions and limitations on pre-existing conditions. It may be worth the few extra dollars to purchase additional medical coverage for your trip.

Items that are stolen from a car can sometimes be claimed on your homeowner’s or rental policy but not on your car insurance. A quick phone call to your agent can help you determine the coverage that will best fit your needs. He or she can also take care of it if you need to purchase a rider before traveling.

Travel should always be fun. Checking on the trip insurance can bring you peace of mind. Why worry about coverage when you can relax and enjoy your vacation?

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