Blogging from a double decker Megabus out of Knoxville

Right now I’m blogging from a double decker Megabus. These are very different from the coach bus that carried me to DC from Knoxville last time! I’m sitting in one of the ground level seats that are closer to the front. It’s roomier and more comfortable than on a coach bus. The electrical outlets, lights and air controls are above my seat.

Interior of double decker Megabus and table

I’m blogging from one of two tables near the front of the bus and are the perfect height. It has cup 4 holders but they’re holding my modem and phone right now. The ride is smooth enough to be able to type. That makes it much easier to get my blogging and other writing done.

We’ve not picked up people in Christiansburg yet so I’m not sure how the Megabus will be after the pickup. As of this moment the table and seats have more than adequate room for working and are very comfortable.

I couldn’t help but take a peek upstairs. The steps were a little hard for me to navigate because there is a curve about halfway up. Let me just say that the handrails on this Megabus are very secure. There isn’t a bathroom on the upper level. Riders will need to be extra careful on the steps when the bus is in motion.

The view from the top of the double decker Megabus is great. I bet it will be a fantastic ride when we go up the mountains. Hopefully, there will be some brilliant fall colors.

Tables weren’t immediately visible on the upper deck. The electrical outlets and air controls seemed to be in the same places on top as on bottom. I can say that upstairs on the double decker Megabus looked to be comfortable. This was confirmed by a rider there.

Gloria is our driver today. She has been at the wheel on my other trips to D.C. With roughly a year of experience on this route this lady knows where she is going. It’s reassuring to see an experienced driver at the wheel on any bus line.

The new bus stop in D.C. is at Union Station. It should be an easy access stop. Look for a blog post to come later about that .All in all, so far so good on this trip. I’m excited to be on the double decker Megabus out of Knoxville.

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