Try the Appalachian Trail for Spring Break or Vacation

Are you looking for a different spring break experience? Why not try hiking a segment of the Appalachian Trail for Spring Break? Hiking the trail isn’t for everyone. You must already have some skills to hike the trail safely and efficiently. For those who have the skills, this could be your best spring break yet.

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Many hikers like to plan a 2-3 day hiking trip. This type of trip is perfect for hiking the Appalachian Trail for a spring break vacation. It’s also a reasonable time to hone your skills for hikers with a moderate level of experience.

The Appalachian Trail spans 2, 174 miles along the eastern part of the United States. Appalachian Trail Conservancy and National Park stretches from Maine to Georgia and has been hiked from beginning to end by an estimated 10,000 people. The trail is maintained by a dedicated, hard-working group of 6,000 volunteers.

How to get?

Getting to the Appalachian Trail can be a little challenging. In some areas, you can get there by shuttle. Advance reservations are recommended. Fees are set by each vendor. You can find a list of shuttles online here

Depending on where you live, you may be able to reach the trail by car or bus. At Harper’s Ferry National Park, you can park your vehicle for up to two weeks. This is more time than you will need for a spring break vacation.

Proper trip planning considers not just where you will enter the trail and how long you will be gone but what supplies you will need. All hikers urgently need a map and compass and can use them. Preparation also includes familiarizing yourself with wildlife and weather conditions.

There are a few shelters along the Appalachian Trail. Finding them along the route will require a guidebook and map (which every hiker should carry anyway). Hikers should also plan to take a tent if at all possible. These can be pitched near shelters or in designated campgrounds. Hostels, bed and breakfasts and inns are available in some areas near the trail. Check your guidebook for locations.

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