Ice Skating on Market Square Mall

Annual information about hours of operation, waivers and other details about ice skating on Market Square Mall can be found online at the Knoxville’s Holidays on Ice website. It isn’t only the skaters that have fun. The rink is enclosed at the top but open on the sides. There is usually a small gathering of observers gathered round to wave as the skaters go by. The Knoxville Holidays on Ice really is a lot of fun for everyone.

What started again in 2005 has now become a family tradition. Annually, families like mine head downtown to join in the fun. Economics threatened closure but the City of Knoxville stepped in to save the event. The economy may not be the best but life in Knoxville is good!

Even though skating isn’t my forte anymore it still draws me to downtown. My college age daughter looks forward to strapping the skates on and having a go. I enjoy watching her everybody else. It’s family friendly and fun. After watch or ice skating on Market Square Mall warming up is easy. There are some great shops and restaurants to choose from. I always come back with a bag (or two) and usually manage to enjoy a cup of coffee.
While most people want to know about ice skating on Market Square Mall the event is actually called Knoxville’s Holidays on Ice. Skating prices are a reasonable $10 for adults and $7 for kids under 12. Skaters do need to sign a waiver. Printing it out and bringing it with you will save time at check-in.
Knoxville’s Holidays on Ice is sponsored by the Regal Entertainment Group, the City of Knoxville and Pilot Travel Centers.
To help keep warm, visitors may bring blankets. In the past, some people have also brought chairs. If you are going ice skating on Market Square Mall you’ll be glad to know that hot chocolate and other goodies are just steps away. A concession stand will be set up inside the tent. No matter what the weather is like the rink will be open to skaters and spectators.

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