Christmas and birthday gifts for campers in my life

If you are one of our regular blog readers you may recall that my family has become avid campers. Hands down, our journey to Alaska that has been our most exciting experience so far. A love of camping has made it much easier to find Christmas and birthday gifts for the campers in my life.

When looking at Christmas and birthday gifts for the campers in my life there are several things come to mind. My first thought is to get them new gear in the form of cookware or a lantern. These are all items that are needed for camping trips but they are also things that they are likely to own already.

Ideally, it would be nice to create a list of items that we can grow on for several years. After much deliberation, hubby and I have come up with a list of items for Christmas and birthday gifts that we think they will like. The list includes a tent fan, small propane heater and a new camp stove.

One thing that we needed on our Alaska trip was a good sharp knife. Although we muddled through there’s really no substitute for a knife that can cut rope or the lid off of a small box. It’s also a necessity for cleaning fish.

Choosing the right knife is going to be the tough part. Hubby is putting a Microtech Knife on our list of possible Christmas and birthday gifts for the campers. These are not inexpensive but they have a reputation for quality and should outlast knives that cost less.

Microtech OTF knives are sometimes used in combat situations. That gives me confidence that these will be reliable for the long haul.

Other items on our list of Christmas and birthday gifts for the campers include the less expensive options of winter sleeping bags, a SPOT GPS unit and some heavy duty flashlights.

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